Our building philosophy is based upon three key components: innovation, quality and sensibility. Rivertree prides itself on an organized and well-managed project from start to finish. Our management system results in higher quality, more efficient schedules, and more precise building. The most important component of the system is communication with our customer. From the first contact our goal is open, clear and defined communication with our clients. In order to minimize delays, mistakes, and overruns, we keep a schedule of selections as well as a building schedule to give the owner and designer the parameters needed to keep the project flowing.


As in nature, Rivertree builds one-of-a-kind homes using the same proven systems of organization and practice every time. For each project, we take into account the unique applications required, while using standard, proven building and management practices to organize and build the home you desire.

A custom home company inspired by nature logically has a strong commitment to building responsibly. At Rivertree, we pledge to minimize the impact of our building practices while still using proven and efficient systems resulting in a superior finished product.



Rivertree’s progressive building methods result in a home that’s 100% tailored to you.

One-of-a-kind custom features. Whether it’s transforming a family heirloom into your master bath vanity, or integrating antique tin roof panels into your backsplash, we have the resources and creativity to make your vision a reality.

Harnessing energy. We can incorporate ground-breaking solutions to harness the Earth’s energy into your home. Whether it is utilizing proven solar or geothermal energy or utilizing the abundant lodgepole pine with super efficient low emission heat systems.

Locally harvested and reclaimed materials. The lodge-pole pine beetle epidemic in the Rocky Mountains has created an abundance of “blue stain, beetle kill” wood that Rivertree can transform into beautiful structural and decorative accents in your home.



Rivertree focuses on the acute details that make each project unique.

Simple “tight” building. This minimizes air infiltration, and utilizes reclaimed materials at virtually no additional cost to achieve great benefits in our Rocky Mountain environment.

“The Last 5% Promise.” This demonstrates Rivertree’s commitment to deliver a final product with 100% customer satisfaction.

Systemized Building. Our organized, dedicated team provides you with an outlined plan and to deliver timely results while maintaining the highest of standards.


Rivertree believes the proven systems approach of management and implementation paired with breakthrough, eco-friendly building practices can drastically reduce the building cost, energy usage and carbon footprint of a home.

Saving time. State of the art technology opens lines of communication that makes for an efficient process at all times. The management team always has access to a wireless connection, fax machine, laptop and printer on hand to ensure instant communication.

Saving energy. This benefits both the homeowner and the environment. We encourage the use of durable and well-constructed products that will outlast typical building materials. Our advanced insulation practices will provide you with a warm, efficient home resulting in less spending on heat and/or cooling.

Saving resources. Recycling the cardboard waste on a project will save you money while conserving our natural resources. We encourage the use of competitively priced products that utilize post consumer waste, and have increased longevity; like many of the composite decking materials available today. We offer a wide variety of means to make your home more efficient for less money.